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Welcome to The Pillar Church. Grow in Faith and Love with us!

About The Pillar Church

Our Vision Statement

Spreading God’s love to unify the faith and transcend denominational lines. 1 Cor 16:13-14 (NLT)

Our Mission Statement

Connecting people together who will serve, support the cause, and pass on the love of Jesus. Love and Pass it On.

We will accomplish our mission statement by using the MODE mission objectives:

* Encourage people that they can come as they are because

God will meet them wherever they are at, in spite of their current circumstances.

* Bring a message of hope that God’s love is greater than our toughest challenge. We only have to make him our Lord and Savior.

* Build disciples to be pillars for the body of Christ, who will stand firm in the faith, and teach the fundamental principles of the word of God, not based upon man’s religious traditions.

* Assure people that we are all equally important in the body of Christ. Each member possesses something different and unique, to contribute to the body for the benefit of us all.




Love And Pass It On

Making a Difference

Join us as we make a difference in our Community. We are called to be a Pillar for God's people. Every outreach is geared towards displaying the love of God. Help us to "Love and pass it on!"

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